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You will never get any telephone alert when your makeup brush is going to cast away, but when the grab ability of makeup brush get weaker, and the hair become bald, it is almost the time to change your makeup brush, however this is not the only standard to replace of your old makeup brushes with new ones, different makeup brushes have their own lifespan for application part and the level of your attention.
One famous makeup artist said: Replace any products used around the eye area every three to six month, because they are the most likely to harbor bacteria, keep washing your brushes and compact applicators every week with baby shampoo, and dry them before reusing.
My sweet honey, we are not meaning you need to change your makeup brushes in three or six months unless your makeup brush is really bad and not soft enough for your sensitive eye makeup, you just need to wash it regularly and more frequently than other makeup brushes buffer on other part of your face, that’s the point.
Brush like kabuki brushes which buffers powders, bronze and highlighters originated from Japan, for it’s versatile ability and variety shape, it becomes more and more popular in many countries. For example, Flower shape kabuki brushes. It is a special kind of kabuki brushes with sakura shape, no matter Asia or Europe, it is very popular, now, it blossom in Philippines, Singapore, USA, UK, Italy, of course, we believe more people would love to order more in near future, so the value of a makeup brushes is not only depends on it’s lifespan, it is also lie in the feature, and a beautiful but practical brush are rare, so pay attention to practical ability before mass production is also important.
Skepticism is my reaction to the statement that any foundation or BB cream could spread evenly on your face just by your hands, obviously, no makeup artist would take this risk, so beauty tools become a integral part of makeup, regardless of sponge or makeup brushes. In a word, it will help you on flawless looking. But according to the survey, a lot of persons prefer to makeup brushes for it’s feature that easy to wash and longer lifespan.
Makeup brushes apply on foundation, concealer, BB cream get many different styles, such as foundation brushes, concealer brushes, duo fiber brushes, buffer brushes. If need to describe the similarity of these brushes, that’s the synthetic hair. A good primer makeup brushes depends on the hair quality and hair density, it would spread the cosmetics evenly on your face.
Are you still drawing your lip liner with lip pencil? Let’s get rid of it! Now, we can use lip brush to reach the same effect, and it will be more natural than lip pencils. Synthetic hair lip sticker makeup brushes would bring your brand new using feelings.
Do not feel frustrate if you can not wear eyeliner very well, eyeliner makeup brushes can help you to solve it easily, even if your are a new. A good eyeliner makeup brushes could help you to finish it smoothly, thickness and length of eyeliner also can be decided by yourself, all of this just because you own a magic eyeliner brushes. But eyeliner brushes also get many shapes- angled one, similar as lip liner makeup brushes etc, no matter which one your choose, it would be a wise option.
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