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How to Clean your make-up brushes

How to Clean your make-up brushes

All make-up artists will tell you that their make-up brushes are the most worthy investment in their kit. With the right care, a quality set never need be replaced. Here's how to make your make-up brushes last a lifetime…

Neglected brushes accumulate product and oils from your skin and can become a breeding ground for bacteria. You must Wash them regularly not only protects your investment and guarantees smooth and consistent make-up application, it safeguards your skin too.

General maintenance:

o To prevent product building up too quickly, 'tap', dust or wipe extra make-up off your brush with a tissue after each use.

Tip: Clinique Make-up Brush Cleanser is an instant way to brush up. Simply add a couple of spritzes to each side of your brush head and wipe clean with a tissue. Within seconds, your fresh, newly sanitised brush will be dry and ready to be reloaded.

o The inside of a make-up bag can be a messy place, which is not the best situation for the preservation of your brushes. Try keeping your brushes in a protective brush roll. How often you wash your brushes should depend on how often you use them. As a general rule, clean your brushes every month, because they soak up oils and bacteria.

Here's some advice on how to wash your make-up brushes:

o Start by rinsing the bristles in warm water. Do not soak as the water may loosen the glue binding or damage the handles.

o Apply a gentle shampoo, baby shampoo is great then massage into the bristles with your fingers. Be gentle but thorough, Alternatively, you can buy specific products for cleaning your brushes.

Tip: Adding a little bi-carb soda to the basin can help gently dissolve stubborn cream formulas and foundations.

o Rinse your brushes well under warm, running water. Keep rinsing until the water runs clear and you are certain all cleanser has been removed - any residue may react with your skin or stop your brush picking up and depositing products properly.

o Gently squeeze the water from your brush and return the bristles to their natural shape before laying them flat to air-dry on a towel. To prevent damage to wooden handles and the glue holding the bristles in place, do not stand brushes up while drying and keep them out of direct heat. For the quickest air-dry, lay the bristles off the edge of a table.

Tip: Wash your brushes in the evening and leave them to dry thoroughly overnight before you need to use them again.

o The same method should be used to clean sponges and powder puff applicators.

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