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Six step to customize your makeup brush line

Six step to customize your makeup brush line
More and more blogger or cosmetic factory plan to customized their own makeup brush brand,  so recently, inquiry trends also get close to this requirements.
As a professional makeup brush factory, we also conclude below 6 steps to help you customize your own makeup brush line. No matter who you are, we also happy to help you on it. But before brush customization, we have to confirm below points so that e-mail back and forth will not waste your time;
Studio Quality Makeup Brush Set
Studio Quality Brush Makeup Set For Makeup Artist.
1st Step:
Most of the important is that you need to confirm your BUDGET PLAN on brush customization. Over 80% clients told me that they would love to customize their brushes the same quality as MAC, SIGMA or Bobbi Brown, but in fact, over 79% clients do not make clear that the higher the brushes grade, more expensive it is, so there comes out two  embarrassing circumstance:
A. Total Budget is not enough. Eg. MOQ of one professional brush set is normally 500-1000sets,  but budget is only 500USD or 1000USD, it means that it is impossible to customize brush sets at all, 0.5-1USD to customize one high grade brush set?  If you are the this kind of clients, please higher your budget then we can talk more;
B. Budget on per set or per brush is not correct.  Some clients may also fall in love to customize their makeup brush line, but they told me that they want to customize the same quality or best quality as MAC, SIGMA, but how about their budget on each brush set? ONLY 2USD-5USD For a professional brush set–OVER 10pcs per set.  Met with this kind of clients, we have to state:This budget can only produce one gift brush sets, no more than 5pcs per set, and it can not use sable hair etc luxury hair, or the budget will also not enough eigher;
So after this step, if your budget is enough and you also get general idea on brush customization costing, congratulations!  Now you can start your customization way now.
2nd Step: 
Confirm the quantity of each individual brushes  or brush sets you plan to customize. Normally,  each factory will get different MOQ, so before brush customization, you must make general idea on quantity budget;
3rd Step:
Make clear on brush hair material, application and shape. Brush hair style normally divided into natural hair & handmade, please check our articles of COSMETIC BRUSHES HAIR CLASSIFY, more details on application and brush shape, we will state more on our blog, please pay attention to it.
4th Step:
Confirm brush size , color, material of each part. Any color requirements, please also mark it on the artwork, please refer to below example picture of ours.   But if you do have original samples, be sure to send to us your physical samples so everything will go in right and fast direction.

5th Step:
Send us your logo artwork, JPG OR JPEG format is okay, but if you also have AI format,  do not forget to send it to me, it will be the best if you can send us both format;
6th Step:
Confirm logo color, position.  If you don’t know how to confirm logo size, please release it to us and we will make a recommendation for you, but once you confirmed it with us, it can not change any more, because logo molds have confirmed, everything was fixed unless you insist to open another molds and responsible for the extra costing.
7th Step:
Choose pouch style and material. Some clients also plan to add one pouch to match for the brushes, if so, you can choose style from us or you can show us your reference pictures , then confirm material of pouch. For special feature of pouch material, if you can send us samples, it will be better.
Regard to more questions on brush customization, please Contact Us today.  
PS.  More information on MOQ on makeup brushes customization , Please find Here. 
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